• Success Stories – for every industry we serve

    Oregon Freeze Dry

    Oregon Freeze Dry was not getting what it needed from their IT organization. They engaged VIE for an outside perspective in assessing their IT capabilities. Over time, with VIE’s help the IT organization has turned into a true business partner.

    Portland Community College

    Portland Community College had severe challenges with their IT infrastructure. Engaging VIE helped to address several key issues that had been troubling for a few years.

    Portland Water Bureau

    The City of Portland Water Bureau has delivered drinking water from the forest to more than 952,200 customers’ faucets since 1895. PWB’s retail and wholesale service area are approximately 225 square miles. The bureau has over $8 billion in system assets, a proposed annual budget of $212 million, and employees over 600 people.

    Milwaukee Electronics Corporation

    Milwaukee Electronics Corporation (MEC) is a design engineering and contract electronics manufacturing firm with manufacturing locations in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Mexico. They offer production volume and have innovative online quick turn prototyping services through the Screaming Circuits strategic business unit.

    Reser’s Fine Foods

    Reser’s Fine Foods is a leading manufacturer of prepared foods, including salads, side dishes, desserts, and classic American comfort food. A third-generation family company, Reser’s employs 4,000 people at thirteen facilities in the United States and Mexico.

    Revant Optics

    Revant Optics is a fast-growing business offering premium replacement lenses and performance sunglasses manufactured in the USA.

    Oregon Health Care Association

    Oregon Health Care Association (OHCA) is a membership trade organization representing nearly 800 senior care providers in Oregon.

    Wilcox & Flegel

    Wilcox & Flegel (W&F) has distributed fuel and lubricants since the 1930’s to over 4500 customers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. W&F are leaders in their industry with over $500M annual revenue, over 100 trucks, 450 employees, and over 20 sites. To this day, W&F remains a family run business with headquarters in Longview WA.

    IT Leadership Academy – “Essential CIO Skills” Class

    Every business needs a leader who can lead innovation, align business and technology and provide stewardship of the company’s technology portfolio. This can only be done by the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

    Precision Analytical Inc

    Precision Analytical Inc. was formed based on a revolutionary way to test hormones – dried urine testing for comprehensive hormones (DUTCH). Precision Analytical exists to make it easier for patients and their healthcare providers to find answers to complex clinical questions that affect their lives every day.

    Aronson Security Group

    Aronson Security Group has been growing fast over the last few years. As a result, their IT resources have been stretched and strained. ASG engaged VIE for needed advice on how to scale up effectively to support business needs.

    Portland Art Museum

    The Portland Art Museum engaged VIE to perform an IT organizational assessment, and also provide an Interim CIO to help solve critical issues. VIE recommendations created the foundation for IT success at the Portland Art Museum.

    Walsh Trucking

    A key challenge for Walsh is keeping track of and efficient use of its key assets – Trucks. Walsh engaged VIE to perform an assessment of its ERP system – Classic and then provide an Interim CIO to help solve critical business and technology issues.


    Greycourt engaged VIE to perform an IT organizational assessment and provide a part-time CIO to help solve critical issues. VIE recommendations and work has improved IT service levels substantially.

    Con-Way, Inc.

    Con-way was looking to transform its IT infrastructure organization through alternative sourcing strategies and implementation of service management methodologies. They engaged a VIE consultant to advise on the best path forward.

    College of Marin

    The College of Marin needed capable IT leadership immediately. They engaged a VIE consulting CIO to take charge and start working with the IT team on completing critical projects.

    Kettle Foods

    Kettle Foods engaged VIE to perform an IT organizational assessment and then provide an Interim CIO to help solve critical issues. VIE recommendations created the foundation for IT success at Kettle Foods.

    Care Oregon

    Care Oregon engaged VIE to perform an IT application security assessment. VIE recommendations created the foundation for the successful launch of a key care coordination application.

    Oregon Catholic Press

    In 2007, Oregon Catholic Press was dissatisfied with the performance of the IT department. They were concerned about the lack of progress on many business/IT initiatives and IT leadership in general. Oregon Catholic Press engaged VIE for an outside assessment of OCP’s IT capabilities.

    Oregon Department of Revenue

    The Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) engaged VIE to perform a security assessment to identify critical issues with its Taxpayer Self-Sufficiency (TPSS) Initiative. VIE recommendations have created the foundation to ensure secure online taxpayer services at DOR.


    Cayuse engaged VIE to assist with critical engineering issues, provide a technology roadmap and assist them in the hiring of a technology leader.

    Providence St. Patrick Hospital

    Providence Saint Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center engaged VIE to perform an Information Technology assessment and then provide assistance in developing a set of goals to help solve critical issues. VIE recommendations created the foundation for IT success at St Patrick Hospital.

    Oregon Youth Authority

    Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) engaged VIE to perform an IT organizational assessment as well as in a Consulting CIO role to help solve critical issues. The results delivered by VIE have created the foundation for IT success at OYA.

    Genesis Financial Solutions

    Genesis Financial Services had suffered outages in their in-house data center. They engaged a VIE CIO Consultant to put them on the path to much improved IT services.

    Clatsop Community College

    Clatsop Community College engaged a VIE Project Manager to help them co-ordinate their efforts to implement critical functions of the Rogue/Net ERP System (called SeaNet at CCC) by the July 1 target.