• Manoj Garg – Managing Partner and VIE Expert

    VIE Expert Manoj Garg is the Founder and Managing Partner of Virtual Information Executives, a consulting firm that specializes in helping clients achieve break-through business results through IT leadership. Manoj brings over thirty years of senior executive leadership skills and technology management experience with domestic and international operations to VIE’s clients. He has worked at executive levels in four industries: manufacturing, hi-tech, leisure and higher education.

    Manoj’s Information Technology (IT) experience covers a broad array of skills, including Large Scale Technology Infrastructure Management, Outsourcing Management, Information Security Management, Program Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. Manoj holds an MBA in Finance from University of Rochester and an MS in Computer Science from University of Pittsburgh. He also enjoys angel investing, assisting non-profits, teaching, playing music and spending time with his wife and three children.


    Gain an Edge with Expert Training

    IT Governance Done Right

    Governing IT is not the same as Managing IT.

    While Managing is the task of the IT leader, Governing is the responsibility of business executives.

    It is critical to understand and monitor investments in technology and to make sure that these investments are generating business value.

    Appropriate Governance can lead to far better business results.

    We will discuss:

    • Five stages of IT Governance maturity
    • How to get started aligning technology to business needs
    • Assessing the true benefits of technology

    Measuring the Business Value of IT

    Do you have a performance score card for technology in your business?

    Everyone knows that technology is a critical function in business. It is important to invest in the right technologies, people and processes to realize the benefits.

    But how should we measure the true business value of technology in order to monitor and improve the technology function?

    In this presentation, we discuss the balanced score card idea.

    With it, you can:

    • Rate how well technology is currently performing in your business
    • See where to improve it continuously for more business value
    • Improve decisions on future technology investments (that will continue to add business value)

    Resources with Powerful Results

    Strategic IT ROI Assessment
    Does technology play a strategic role in your business? Use this simple template to assess the strategic return on investment provided by your technology investments.


    The IT Value Calculator
    Do you know the business value that Information Technology is providing in your organization? Use this survey for executives to get a quick read of the value of IT in your business today.


    Measure the Value of IT
    Most people think of IT as a back office function. However, when done right, IT has the potential to drive business success. Read this guide to understand how to evaluate the use of IT in your company and how to leverage it better.


    Align IT With Your Business
    There are several decisions regarding IT that should not be delegated to the IT leader. These include which functions in the business should receive IT dollars and how much automation is necessary in the business. Read this guide to learn how to align your IT investments to your business goals.


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