• Project or Program Leadership

    Project or Program Leadership

    Get help to execute your initiatives

    Project or Program leadership to manage complex IT projects to deliver business value

    Do you have legacy business applications? Do your IT teams understand business requirements? Do you have large IT initiatives that span multiple departments? Do you trust your team to effectively evaluate business applications and make optimal vendor selections? Do you have troubled projects? Does your organization lack strong Project/Program Management skillsets?

    • Independent, technology agnostic advice for business application software
    • Expertise to correct project timelines and priorities to maximize value delivery
    • Leadership to execute critical initiatives, reduce risk, and improve business outcomes

    Business Application Software Selection / Implementation

    A VIE CIO consultant will be the Program/Project Manager for your Business Application Software projects. The consultant will work with your staff to determine the business requirements, write an RFP if appropriate, lead vendor evaluation and selection, and manage the implementation working with you and the vendor. VIE has expertise with enterprise systems such as Asset Management, ERP, Financial, HRIS, Permitting, CRM/Sales, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Warehouse.

    Project Recovery / Post-mortem

    Many large project initiatives take between one and three years to complete. They are typically complex projects involving many departments. Some projects fail to meet the desired outcomes. Sometimes, half-way through a project, there is realization that the project is troubled. VIE will conduct post-mortems with large organizations to diagnose why a project failed and make recommendations to ensure better outcomes with future projects. VIE will take over project / program management responsibilities to reverse direction on troubled projects to lead a project to success.

    Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning

    The recent Covid-19 pandemic is one example of a business continuity challenge that may have illuminated the need for business continuity planning. Many organizations were able to act quickly, but lack of comprehensive planning has left some with increased security and other risks from employees working from home. VIE can help organizations plan for issues related to Security, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity. We can guide you to perform business impact analysis and create policies, processes, and procedures. We can help you plan for disasters to minimize impact to your business. We can work with you to create and implement failover and disaster recovery plans.

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