• Oregon Catholic Press

    A leading national publishing company providing electronic and written materials to their clientele was on a growth path requiring them to step back and look at their current and future business and IT strategies. They were also trying to understand how changes in technology and their growing web business would play in their future. OCP hired VIE to help them develop an eBusiness Strategy and to provide an IT SnapShot enabling the alignment of IT to their current and future business objectives.

    The SnapShot has been completed and recommendations are currently being implemented. From the success of the above engagments OCP asked VIE to take a leadership role in their ongoing implemenation of Bookmaster, a major intergrated ERP system. VIE assisted OCP in their negotiations with the ERP software vendor and also with the overall timeline of the project. The VIE consultant completed the project on time and was successful in reducing the budget by several hundreds of thousands of dollars.