• Oregon Youth Authority

    The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) is the state juvenile corrections agency.  OYA takes legal and physical custody of youth who cannot safely live in the community, and provides supervision and treatment opportunities to youth offenders in all 36 Oregon counties.

    OYA had challenges with its IT organization. Over the last several years due a number of factors, the IS department had struggled to keep up with demand, prioritize initiatives and keep IS users and stakeholders completely satisfied. The OYA CIO resigned unexpectedly further complicating matters.

    OYA hired VIE to perform an IT organizational assessment. Two VIE CIOs performed the assessment by first interviewing the business executives about perceived value from IT and then gathering information about the current state of IT. VIE made several key recommendations including a new organizational structure for IT, the key desirable attributes for the new CIO and many ideas for how to improve IT services and tecnology utilization.

    Due to the resignation of the CIO, OYA was left without a leader for IT. OYA hired a VIE consultant to be their interim CIO. The Interim CIO worked with the IT team to improve IT services and assisted OYA with the process of hiring their new CIO.

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